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The RECITE solution features a powerful reporting tool that enables authorized members of the organization to access and utilize valuable business intelligence to make informed decisions based on the various metrics of the business operation. Reports can be generated on demand or scheduled for convenience and can be accessed through the Web-based user interface. It does not require any additional client applications.

Dashboards Features:

Included with RECITE — no additional licensing is required.
20+ enhanced report templates are included
Quality management, agent activity and system reports
Customized reports available upon request
Report formats include bar, line and pie charts
Filtering options enable users to access information quickly
Export to various formats to meet your needs for presentations and sharing
One-click to print report
Quick links to calls represented in reports
Create scheduled reports and/or generate reports on demand


Gain valuable business intelligence into the operation and performance of your organization
Make informed decisions based on accurate, easy-to-understand, information
Quickly access reports at a click
Improve agent productivity and training using accurate metrics
Identify business trends and proactively take advantage of opportunities
View trends and comparisons in visual formats to easily gauge improvement through processes implemented

Features That Empower You with Essential Business Insights

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