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The RECITE™ Software Suite is a Customer Experience Management system that enhances analysis, compliance requirements and specific customer needs in the Contact Center and back office environments. By combining different software modules, RECITE™ can be tailored to meet various Enterprise requirements and provide a clear, concise view of the agent and customer experience.

RECITE Capture™

RECITE Capture™ is at the core of the RECITE™ Software Suite. RECITE Capture™ collects media in full time, selective and on-demand capture modes. The RECITE Capture™ module supports both TDM and an IP media capture and includes all integrations in the core package.


RECITE Q™ utilizes decision tree management to develop customizable Quality Control Evaluations, the ability to change the weighting of questions, and detailed reporting.

RECITE Client™

RECITE Client™ is a Desktop Client that adds Screen Capture and Live Agent Notes. RECITE Agent™ can be bundled with RECITE Q™ and RECITE Capture™ to provide a 360-degree view of the customer experience.

Simple User Interface

RECITE™ has been designed for easy cutover from one Call Recording System to another. Through the intuitive web based user interface, the RECITE™ user experience makes it easy to navigate through calls and playback, while making other RECITE™ Software Modules available from a single screen. Whether the end user is familiar with other software or not, the user can be functional with RECITE™ in minutes, without losing valuable staffing time during training.

Numonix ADVISOR™

RECITE™ is constantly monitored for performance and maintenance. Through our Numonix ADVISOR software, ADVISOR is consistently monitoring for calls processed, disk usage and error alarms that might occur. Our software automatically reports any technical issues found in the system so that your RECITE™ system can be kept running at full capacity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Numonix ADVISOR takes resources out of local system maintenance and is included in our standard support program.

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