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Educational Institutions Benefit From Interaction Recording, including:

Campus Police and Security
Admissions and Recruitment
Donations and Fundraising
Admissions and Records
Online Classes
Research and Data Collection
Materials and Facilities

Support Safety at your Campus

Track interactions between all relevant departments providing an accurate record of incidents
Record potential phone threats and tag them for easy retrieval
Record campus police analog radio communications
Consolidate recording of all interactions into one easy-to-manage solution

Ensure Regulatory Compliance & Liability Protection

Record calls and interactions for compliance and verification
Mask sensitive information to comply with PCI and other regulations
Record calls and interactions for liability protection and defense
Securely share interaction recordings

Improve Your Bottom Line

Transaction Verification for materials ordering and other agreements
Legal record of transactions to limit liability
Dispute resolution
Analytics for measureable ROI

Meet Security Standards

Encrypt recordings to meet security standards
Easy secure access and file sharing

Improve Employee Performance

Train employees on accepted policies and procedures
Live monitoring of phone, screen and video interactions
Enable employee evaluation and situational training
Utilize analytics for measureable ROI and improve your bottom line

Maintain and Protect Your Reputation

Ensure staff training on accepted policies and procedures
Monitor live interactions
Easily evaluate employees and provide situational training

Gain Advanced Technology

Access valuable data live at a glance
Seamless integration with third-party applications
One of the only solutions compatible with Skype for Business
Compatible with virtually every PBX and UC platform

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