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RECITE’s Dashboards tool enables agents, supervisors and administrators to view real-time metrics upon logging into the RECITE solution. Dashboards provide an at-a-glance view of agent and supervisor performance. Based on their pre-defined role, users can drag relevant widgets to the dashboard screen and build custom views. Dashboards can be unlocked and dragged to additional screens for easy viewing.

Dashboards Features:

Included with RECITE— no additional licensing is required.
Admin widgets include channel usage, database info, uptime, network traffic, SQL Server info…
Filters can be applied to widgets to further enhance the value of the data
Supervisor widgets include peak call volume, call stats, monthly call volume, daily call volume, bottom 5 team members, top 5 team members, talk time, last call for agent, weekly average scores…
Agent widgets include daily call volume, last score, top performing agent…

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