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RECITE Skype for Business Client Side Recorder enables businesses to securely control access to their Office365 recorded interactions. Calls are recorded and stored centrally on a server in a location of the company's choice. Recordings are inaccessible by unauthorized users, and any sensitive customer information is protected with built-in profile, permission and security measures.

The client-side recorder is deployed as a quick application install on each computer the company wants to record. All computers are synchronized to the main server on a real-time or scheduled basis.

How does it work?
We provide you with a client-side recorder that you host on-premise, which enables you to capture and store Skype for Business audio interactions on your own server for immediate replay when required.
Simply deploy an easy-to-install application on each computer you wish to record. A RECITE main server is deployed in the customer cloud, datacenter or on premise. This main server is for central storage, admin and system management. Each remote client is synchronized to the main server on a real time or scheduled basis.
The client side recorder features affordable monthly per-user subscription pricing.

Features That Empower You with Essential Business Insights

Office 365 Recording


Native S4B Recorder

RECITE S4B Client Side Recorder

Company is in control of the recordings – Companies can centrally store recordings on their own servers, in the data center or hosted in Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. All calls are automatically recorded and individuals cannot turn the recorder on/off. NO, calls are stored locally in a folder on individual desktops as MP4 files YES
Additional recording functionality – Features include automatic full -time recording, record on demand and/or save on demand. No such functionality YES
Secure recordings – Each recording features audit trails, AES 256Bit security encryption and 100 playback permission profiles. NO such functionality YES
Quality monitoring – Supervisors can access quality monitoring scorecards and desktop widgets to assess and score agent performance. NO such functionality YES