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The Power of Versatility in Contact Centers

The Power of Versatility in Contact Centers ‘Versatility’ is a pretty powerful adjective in the world of contact center technology. Defined as either “capable of easily turning from one task or endeavor to another”, or “having or capable of many uses”, versatility is the name of the game when it comes to technology. With it,..
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Questions to consider before purchasing a Call Recording Solution:

Typically, the decision to implement a call recording solution is a reactive one. Many companies finally purchase a system only after discovering that a crucial business interaction has transpired that they have no concrete proof of. Unfortunately, not being able to produce evidence of a vital transaction disrupts business and can be financially damaging if..

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Will Your Company be placed on Hold as Communications Technology Evolves?

As connectivity improves and companies adopt more advanced IP PBX’s and  UC products; legacy technology in Call Recording will struggle to keep up and adapt to new integrations, protocols and specific network configurations. The emerging “new generation” recording products are specifically developed to quickly adapt to new integrations and methods of connectivity, as well as..

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