Is your client-side recorder causing the following issues?
  • Incorrect call direction reporting
  • Phone numbers mixed between records
  • Inability to pull data via API or database
  • Lack of protection for sensitive data (e.g. credit card or pin number)

If so, you are not alone. Many companies are experiencing these and other problems with their Skype for Business client-side recorder, from vendors other than Numonix.

The native Skype for Business recording functionality built into the application can be augmented by a fully integrated, third-party client-side recorder, delivering more versatility of what and how you record. Not all client-side recorders are created equal, however.

The Numonix RECITE Skype for Business client-side recorder mitigates these challenges and affords additional value.

The Numonix client-side recorder for Skype for Business offers numerous unique capabilities, such as:
  1. API Access to database and system services
  2. Complete notification and alarm subsystems, including:
  • Notification of calls without audio
  • Service health/status
  • Server health/status
  • Database health/status
  1. Centralized deployment options, including on demand and automatic operating modes
  2. Storage of your sensitive data, with you in control
  3. Deployment on premise, in your private cloud or in any public cloud

The Numonix RECITE Skype for Business recorder is a desktop client that is easily and quickly loaded onto each computer for call recording. Call recordings are stored centrally in your own data center, with all of the security, permissions, and profiles you need to protect sensitive customer data. Users cannot access local files or modify recordings. It also offers Demo Applications (including source code samples for API syntax and XML parsing) and other features, including SEARCH, PROVISIONING and PLAYBACK.

If your Skype for Business recorder is causing problems, it may be time to consider switching to Numonix RECITE.

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