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Screen Recording

RECITE’s Screen Recording module records full-motion video of the agent’s desktop. While on a call, it is synchronized to the audio recording, creating a comprehensive view of the agent’s customer interaction. The Screen Recording feature enables supervisors to monitor desktop activity live through the live monitoring panel while the agent is on a call or general desktop activity without a call.

Screen Recording Features:

Additional Module – licensed on a per seat basis
Incorporated into the Quality Management module
Support for multiple monitors
Click and zoom in on previews for more detailed inspection
Required in order to monitor targeted agents screens in the live monitoring panel

Boost Business Insights with Screen Recording:

Gain insight into the desktop habits of your agents, even while they are not on calls
Get a complete view of the interactions your agents are having with your customers
Gain valuable insights into agent performance
Reveal and resolve skill gaps in agent performance
Identify training needs
Increase the effectiveness of agent training
Manage compliance with procedures
Manage productivity

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