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RECAP Application Programming Interface (API)

The RECITE RECAP API is a fully featured, flexible tool that can be used to integrate the recording solution with virtually any external third-party software that can communicate over TCP/IP.

API Features:

Includes intuitive sample demo application to assist developers with API integration
Enables client applications to control and access various RECITE system functions
Provides ability to query RECITE system entities for a variety of actions, including data retrieval, add, update, and delete actions
Includes provisioning API for RECITE Service Provider Edition
APIs are available for REST and WCF/Soap clients
Not Included with all RECITE versions


Streamline and improve the business process by integrating the RECITE recording solution with your existing and future applications
Quick turn-around on integration work
Reduce professional service charges by using the API sample demo application
Improve productivity by being able to play back and view recorded interactions through your CRM solution

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