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Quality Management for Improved Employee Performance

RECITE’s Quality Management tool enables your quality assurance and management staff to evaluate employee performance, ensure adherence to corporate procedures and to maximize staff productivity.

RECITE Quality Management is integrated into a single-screen call details page, allowing supervisors to playback calls, view synchronized recorded screens and chat archive while performing the evaluation. RECITE’s unique scoring methodology allows supervisors to increase their productivity by 40%, which enables them to easily evaluate more employees and identify more accurate actionable data.

Quality Management Features:

Included with RECITE — no additional licensing is required
Unlimited playback and QM supervisor licenses included
Single-screen playback of synchronized call, desktop recordings and chat allows for efficient review of interactions
RECITE’s built-in template builder allows you to create custom scorecards quickly and easily.
Templates can be created as needed with unlimited sections, questions and answers
Customized scoring with assigned weighted scores allow granular performance monitoring
Scoring supports “not applicable” answers and total fail for critical elements
Agent notes taken during a call can be previewed in the playback bar simultaneously while playing back the call.
Supervisor notes can be added at any point on the call timeline to tag a comment at an instant or over a time period on the call
Generate reports based on the results achieved from the scorecard

Boost Workforce Optimization with Quality Scorecards:

Perform employee performance evaluations
Gain valuable insights into employee performance
Reveal and resolve skill gaps in performance
Identify training needs
Analyze performance improvements over time
Increase the effectiveness of employee training
Understand employee skills better
Allocate employee performance skills to more specific requirements

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