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Meet Regulatory Compliance

Reduce risks associated with regulatory compliance and information security
Encrypt recordings of customer interactions to meet security standards
Mask sensitive information to comply with HIPAA, PCI and other regulations

Maintain and Protect Your Business Reputation

Ensure staff training on accepted policies and procedures
Monitor live agent interactions
Easily evaluate agents and provide situational training

Gain Advanced Technology

Access valuable data live at a glance
Seamless integration with third-party applications
One of the only solutions compatible with Skype for Business
Compatible with virtually every PBX and UC platform

Enhance Your Patient Relationships

Train staff to deliver exceptional telephone customer service
Use customized scorecards for insightful evaluations
Reveal and resolve skill gaps in performance
Resolve Misunderstandings and Disputes
Monitor live interactions

Ensure Liability Protection with Interaction Recordings

Record Doctor/Patient phone consultation
Record life flight dispatch and communication
Record paramedic to ER communication
Record calls handled by all departments, including:

  • Patient transfers
  • Collections
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Phone prescriptions

Securely share interaction recordings

Features That Empower You with Essential Business Insights

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