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Integrations with Broadsoft

RECITE’s flexible interaction recording solution for BroadSoft integrates by using the IETF advanced SIPREC interface enabling RECITE customers to benefit from a seamless integration. When using RECITE, BroadSoft customers can take advantage of robust call recording and monitoring software that features automatic full time call recording, triggered or on-demand call recording, real-time silent monitoring, quality monitoring, dashboards, customizable reports and fast search and playback features.


RECITE Meets Your Interaction Recording Needs

 Simple setup integration.
 Enterprise or Service Provider Multi-Tenant options available
 Centralized recording of Internal, PSTN and Conference call conversations
 Single, Multi-Site, Regional and Geographic deployments
SharePoint and Azure cloud integrations for superior archiving and storage


Easy Recording of BroadSoft:

Convenient recording via SIPREC using SIP & XML
Manages receipt of voice media from BroadWorks Media Server
Convenient Start / Stop or Pause / Resume recording via Dual Tone DTMF or API
Use Single (mixed) or Dual Mode (Split) voice media streams

Port Mirroring:
Easily record via Port Mirror SIP / RTP Station side traffic (Meta data & Audio)


Why RECITE for BroadSoft:

It’s affordable. Concurrent based recording licenses with no forklift upgrades.
It’s easy to install and manage. A typical install can be done in less than one day.
It’s compatible. Every leading UC vendor on the market is supported
It’s flexible. Deploy on a Physical or Virtual (VMware or Hyper-V) server.
It’s secure. Utilizes AES 256 bit encryption
It’s compliant. SOX, PCI and HIPPA ready

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